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Outdoor Storage

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to build an outdoor storage shed?

    At EasyShed we have a wide selection of outdoor storage options to choose from. You can buy it directly from our online store and have it shipped to your home anywhere in Australia.  

    Building an outdoor storage shed from EasyShed is easy and anyone can do it by following our 5-step assembly process. 

    Before unpacking the shed, be sure that you have enough space to work on and the correct tools to get the job done. If the final location of the shed is not suitable for the building process, choose a location nearby. You’ll be able to move the shed after it has been built, but depending on the size of your outdoor storage shed, you may need a few extra hands to do this. 

    For most sheds, all you’ll need in a powered drill and an extra set of hands (although you can do it yourself, having a helper is beneficial). Unpack the shed parts and check through the instructions sheet, carefully laying out the pieces in the order that you’ll need them. 

    Read through the instructions and follow the assembly guide. These have been designed with the homeowner in mind, however, if you need extra assistance you can call us for help, or look at our video demonstration available on our site. Our sheds can be installed directly on grass, but many people choose to have them installed onto a concrete base or any other footing.  

    When it comes to assembling your steel shed, you’ll have to put together the door panels first and then the three other side panels. Once you attach the panels, the base for the shed will be ready. Then you can slide the roof on and screw it down. After the shed has been put together, you can shift it into its final resting place; and then you’re all done! 

  2. Where to buy an outdoor storage shed?

    As an outdoor storage solution, steel construction sheds from EasyShed are ideal. Our Colorbond steel sheds are available in different sizes and finishes. You can call us on 1300 739 097 and we can discuss your options for any outdoor storage sheds.  

    We manufacture our sheds in Australia and sell directly to the public and this allows us to offer the best shed deals online. We can deliver our sheds to your door, or if you wish to save on freight, you can pick your new garden shed from one of our many depot points. These are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, and many other locations across Australia (please check our website for directions to your nearest centre). 

Outdoor Storage Range

Getting a garden shed can be the easiest solution to add some outdoor storage space at your home. At EasyShed, our storage sheds are built using steel construction techniques and are tested to last in the harsh Australian climate. All our sheds are highly durable and are backed with a lifetime warranty. Sheds can give you all the extra storage space you need without the cost and expense of building a permanent addition to your home or filling up your garage with shelving units and storage boxes. 

By adding outdoor garden storage or a garden shed to your property, you can gain a lot of free space and protect your tools, pool equipment and even vehicles. With a garden shed or outdoor workshop, you can add value to your home, as increased storage options are what many prospective buyers look for in a home. As it is commonly said — you can never have too much storage! 

Before you buy garden sheds you should have an idea of the size of storage you need. If you’re simply looking for a place to house some garden tools or maybe a mower, then a skillion roof shed might be your best option. But if you need something more substantial, you might want to buy one of our popular 3x3 sheds. All of these are quick to assemble using our 5-step assembly process, in most cases, your shed can be erected in an afternoon! While it’s best to build our sheds with at least two people, you can also build it by yourself, it just might take a little longer. The larger units, such as the hay shedsgarage shedsbarns and farm sheds, may require a bit more time to complete, while the process is simalar, they come with more parts that need to be fitted together. 

Having available outdoor storage can be an excellent way to clear out your home and garage of any unwanted items. For the best solutions, any storage that’s housed outdoors should be weatherproof and be able to provide some security. At EasyShed, you can buy many shed accessories to go with your shed. This can give you those few extras and truly make the shed as unique as you want it to be. You can add skylights and windows so that your backyard storage shed is a more functional item rather than a simple lockup box. We have supplied sheds for many years and have seen them used for a variety of purposes, such as bicycle sheds, potting rooms, small gyms or even hydroponic setups.