Garden Sheds

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EasyShed offers a variety of the best DIY garden sheds in Australia. Choose from a wide range of durable yet stylish garden sheds for your lifestyle and storage needs. Whether you have minimal or abundant space, EasyShed has a wide selection of garage sizes to choose from. Pick our most popular Gable Roof shed option for your garden shed. It has a sturdy ridge beam and a pitched roof for additional headroom to easily move around in. It's a great option if you have a good amount of room for a large workspace and storage capacity. You also have other options such as the Flat Roof shed for those who are tight on space but still need an outdoor shed. The Off The Wall garden shed is also great for small spaces. It doesn't have a back wall so you can assemble it onto your existing wall or structure. The Skillion Roof shed, which comes with a high front entrance of 2.1 meters and slopes down to 1.8 meters at the back, is great for our taller customers who need extra door height. You can also take a look at our Tall Door line if you're looking for that extra door height on other EasyShed roof models. If you live in parts of Australia where harsh weather conditions are common, we recommend the EasyShed Storm Shed - the toughest shed out on the market. It can weather Region D, Terrain Category 2 cyclonic conditions and can cope with heavy snow loads.