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Storm Sheds

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MASSIVE 30% OFF SITEWIDE* SALE | ALL Sheds are now MINIMUM 30% OFF + 3 FREE Accessories FREE Delivery to 170+ Depots!

The EasyShed Storm Shed is our toughest and most durable garden shed on the market. The Region D Terrain Category 2 cyclone rating of our Storm shed can withstand maximum winds of 316kph. This storage shed has a Gable Roof shed design with a sturdy ridge beam for maximum strength and lets you move inside the shed with ease. The 1.8m walls have a high-strength ribbed cyclone frame design and are made of solid 0.35mm sheeting. Bigger depth, width and roof height options are available. The EasyShed Storm Shed will meet and exceed your extreme storage needs. Not in need of something so extreme? Shop the entire range of sheds online direct from the Australian manufacturer.