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Skillion Roof Sheds

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MASSIVE 30% OFF SITEWIDE* SALE | ALL Sheds are now MINIMUM 30% OFF + 3 FREE Accessories FREE Delivery to 170+ Depots!

If you’re looking for cheap sheds with a taller door height, we have the EasyShed Skillion Roof garden shed for you. EasyShed garden sheds have a 1.8m standard door height, but the Skillion shed is designed with a higher 2.1m door opening which slopes down to the 1.8m back wall. The sloping roof also ensures minimal to no snow or water build up. The extra headroom gives you added storage capacity and added depth compared to flat roof sheds. The 1.5m and 2.25m width Skillion sheds come standard with a hinged single door, and the bigger 3m and 3.75m Skillion sheds come standard with hinged double doors. This compact backyard shed is not only great for our taller customers but is space-saving as well and great for small backyards. Our Narrow Slider shed range features a reverse skillion roof sloping from back to a 1.8m front wall with a sliding door as standard. Newest to our garden shed range is our Skillion Roof models with end entry, featuring the roof sloping from 2.1m on right to 1.8m on left and come in a 1.5m width. Shop our entire range of garden sheds online now.