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Skillion Roof Sheds

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If you’re looking for cheap sheds with a taller door height, we have the EasyShed Skillion Roof garden shed for you. EasyShed garden sheds have a 1.8m standard door height, but the Skillion shed is designed with a higher 2.1m door opening which slopes down to the 1.8m back wall. The sloping roof also ensures minimal to no snow or water build up. The extra headroom gives you added storage capacity and added depth compared to flat roof sheds. The 1.5m and 2.25m width Skillion sheds come standard with a hinged single door, and the bigger 3m and 3.75m Skillion sheds come standard with hinged double doors. This compact backyard shed is not only great for our taller customers but is space-saving as well and great for small backyards. Our Narrow Slider shed range features a reverse skillion roof sloping from back to a 1.8m front wall with a sliding door as standard. Newest to our garden shed range is our Skillion Roof models with end entry, featuring the roof sloping from 2.1m on right to 1.8m on left and come in a 1.5m width. Shop our entire range of garden sheds online now.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is a skillion ceiling?

    A skillion roofline looks a bit like one half of a standard gable roof, only steeper. It’s a steep pitch on one side ensures easy movement in and out of your shed, and also offers you some extra storage capacity while still remaining small enough for urban environments and suburb homes. The pitch is not only capable of delivering you some head height comfort but also ensures that material like snow, leaf matter and water doesn’t pool on top like you’d find on a flat roofed shed.

    Our skillion roof garages and sheds for sale at EasyShed come in a range of sizes and designs to suit every need and space. They arrive as an easy to install kit like flat packed furniture does. Most small sizes can be comfortably constructed by a single person with some handy skills and no movement restrictions.

    For larger size sheds like our range of hay sheds, our singledouble and triple garages, you may need a hand. Alternatively, there are plenty of handy people who offer to cover your construction for you which may be the easiest path to choose.

    If you’re short on space but still looking for sizable storage capacity, skillion garages could be your answer. The skillion roof shed comes with a standard tall door height of 2.1 metres, so if you’re on the tall side then this should be a welcome feature. The roof then slopes down to a height of 1.8 metres at the shortest point which is still quite high and allows for shelving and other storage equipment to help you maximise the space you have available.

    Compared to standard truss and gable roof designs, which come with a standard door height of 1.8m, the skillion roof shed offers more flexibility even in its compact dimensions. Available sizes include small enough for a pool pump or up to 3.75 metres wide. That’s a handy size garden shed that’s less than 2 metres deep.

    The narrow slider range of skillion roof sheds are available with the pitch reversed and come with a standard sliding door height of 1.8 metres, and then are highest at the back of the shed rather than the front. The newest models are now designed with end access doors rather than in the middle of the widest wall. End entry doors are also 2.1 metres.

    Like our off the wall range, the skillion roof shed is designed to maximise your available space without encroaching on it too much. Skillion garages can be used to store everything from tools, kids’ summer toys and equipment, bikes and be used as garden sheds for potting and gardening equipment. They can fit in narrow spaces so you don’t waste any of your yards, or you can put them in out of the way corners. They can supplement your existing storage, making it easier to get at the things you’re most likely to use more often, or you can set yourself up a narrow workshop to create, build, sew, paint, anything you want. They’re pitched roofs mean that when the doors are open, you should get plenty of natural light.

    Not sure if the skillion roof shed is the way to go? Ensure you browse our entire collection of designs including large scale farm sheds, and pet and bird aviaries. We design and construct high quality and reliable sheds in a range of contemporary colours, designs and sizes to ensure we have the perfect fit storage solution for every location and need.

Skillion Roof Shed

The EasyShed selection of skillion roof sheds is available in a range of sizes, colours and designs to suit every backyard, front yard, commercial premises or tiny allotment block. They’re lockable and secure, keeping what’s inside safe from the elements as well. Our skillion roof sheds are clever and versatile designs which have been created to allow for more convenient head room inside, greater storage shed capacity and the insurance that neither water or snow is able to build up on the roof like the risk you run with flat roof designs.

 The entire range of garage sheds and garden sheds from EasyShed is easy to install, made from high-quality steel and zinc, and come with a lifetime guaranty which means that your new skillion roof shed can withstand the test of time better than most wooden or plastic alternatives. They can be easily disassembled too and carried to new locations. If you move to a new house or you renovate your existing one, simply deconstruct your shed frame and move it to a new location. For a more permanent installation, lay a concrete slab beneath your shed and create an all‐year‐round weather proof space. Laying a slab is particularly good for keeping pests out and for more safely storing chemicals so they don’t seep into the ground where they can be absorbed and cause problems for you later down the track.

 Our delivery service covers all corners of Australia. You can choose to have your new skillion roof shed delivered direct to your door or you can opt to pick it up yourself from a designated delivery depot in your nearest capital city in Sydney, Melbourne, BrisbaneAdelaide and Perth.