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Colorbond Sheds

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can you paint a Colorbond shed?

    If you’re unhappy with the Colorbond colour schemes available and are looking for something unique or trying to match the colour of your home, repainting your Colorbond shed is possible. To start you’ll need to prepare the surface. If your shed is new then it’ll only require a wipe down and light sand so the paint can bond to the surface. For best results, it’s recommended that you paint your shed before assembling it, as you can lay the BlueScope steel panels on a flat surface and work comfortably. This will limit dripping and prevent any mess or overlapping of paint. After the panels have been sanded and wiped free of dust, you’ll need to clean them using a mix of dishwashing liquid and water and then place the panels down and let them dry.  

    For paint selection, you’ll need a water-based acrylic paint that is suitable for exterior purposes. When you buy the paint let the retailer know what you’re planning to use it for and they can recommend a suitable product. You can use a roller or brush to paint a Colorbond shed, but a spray gun is more effective at getting an even coat. 

    Although it’s possible to paint your Colorbond garden shed, it may void any warranty. All our sheds are sold with a lifetime warranty. If you need to paint Colorbond steel sheds, it is best to limit that to sprucing up an old shed that has past its prime. But, with all Colorbond sheds prices being low and cost-effective, if your shed is looking a bit dated, replacing it might be the better option. 

  2. How to buy a Colorbond shed?

    The styles we build include garage shedsfarm shedshay sheds and many others. We are an Australian owned company and ship our sheds for sale to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, and many other locations across Australia. To save on delivery costs, you can collect your shed from a location that suits you as EasyShed can ship your order to over 180 depots in Australia. 

    Our products are backed with a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions regarding our sheds you can call us directly on 1300 739 097 and we can talk you through what options we have and how to place an order. At Easy Shed, we think every home in Australia should own a backyard shed, as its uses are endless! 

Colorbond Shed Range

Colorbond shed is one of the best outdoor storage solutions you can add to your home or garden. If your garage is overflowing with objects that don’t need to be there, a new shed can be the perfect addition to your home. A garage should only be used as a place to store your car and a few other items that you need to have on hand. Items like garden tools and other bulky equipment — that shouldn’t be stacked precariously near your car and bike — can be moved out into a shed. Choosing Colorbond steel for your garden shed provides you with a sense of security as it’s been made from a corrosion-resistant material that will resist against cracking, chipping and peeling.  

Garages are often used as the first line for storage of anything that you don’t want in your home. But if it isn’t properly looked after, these ‘few extra things’ can soon be pushing your car out onto the street! If your storage options are limited, and for most new homes there is not much extra space available, then building a suitable structure in the garden is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get everything sorted, and out of your garage. 

Installing a Colorbond shed is an excellent way to add more storage to your property. One of the best attributes of a Colorbond shed is that it can blend into the garden. With a variety of colours, you can easily find one that matches your garden and home. Often a problem with a regular shed is that it sticks out and doesn't look all that appealing. With a wide range of colours to choose from, our Colorbond shed will have a professional finish that will fit in with your current garden plan. EasyShed sheds are designed to withstand most weather conditions and if installed according to the guidelines, you’ll have many years of trouble-free storage. 

With a 5-step assembly process, our Colorbond sheds are durable and easy to install for any DIYers. Even if you're not that keen on wielding a screwdriver, finding a local handy person is easy enough and he can get it done for you. At EasyShed, you can find a backyard shed to suit any home or garden space. In the past, sheds were considered to store gardening equipment only, but now sheds are used for a variety of purposes.  

A Colorbond garden shed can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re tired of having to move your vehicles in and out of the garage just to access your garden tools. By having all your equipment located at one easy to access space, it can make you more efficient when working in the garden.