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Garden Sheds Melbourne

Garden Sheds Melbourne

Living in Melbourne? Need a shed?
Here we cover all you need to know about EasyShed Garden Sheds for Melbourne residents.

Are you looking for durable and affordable steel garden sheds in Melbourne? Check out the deals on our SHOP page where you can get HUGE SAVINGS on EasyShed workshops, garages, carports, aviaries, garden lockers, pool pump covers, bike sheds, and garden sheds in Melbourne.

Our Select Shed Designer, which is found at the top part of our SHOP page, will let you choose a specific width, depth, height, shed type and colour to find the perfect garden shed for your needs. Once you’ve chosen your specifications, you can scroll through all the available EasyShed models that meet your requirements.

EasyShed garden sheds are 100% Australian made and are suited for the harsh Australian climate. They are manufactured from high-tensile BlueScope steel that can go through great strain without breaking or being deformed. They are built to last and come standard with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Our storage sheds are available in an exclusive range of 25 Colorbond colours, so you can find the finish which matches your home and garden best!

Feel free to give us a call at 1300 739 097, and we’ll be happy to answer any enquiries you may have about our products and services that we have in Sydney.

Do you provide a depot delivery service in Melbourne?

Yes, we do. We can deliver to your door or ship your EasyShed to your nearest depot location for FREE!

For our Melbourne customers, you can pick up your shed at this depot:

At Your Service Hardware

268 Coventry Street, South Melbourne Victoria 3205

We also have another nearby depot in St Kilda. Go to our
Depot List webpage to see all the available accredited depots in and around Melbourne.

We offer FREE delivery to over 200 depot locations!

Great! Can I get free home delivery as well?

We offer free home delivery to metropolitan Melbourne all shed products found on our website.
For all other regions, there will be shipping costs and they will depend on your exact delivery address. You can call our Customer Service & Support Team at 1300 739 097, and we will be happy to calculate the shipping charges for you. Our website can also easily do that for you. You can do this by entering your postcode in the Shipping Calculator on a product listing, or input your shipping details in Checkout to view the fee for your postcode. You will know the total cost of your order, including shipping costs, before you enter your payment details.

Do I need Council Approval for my garden shed?

It’s best to contact the City of Melbourne at 03 9658 9658 to talk to someone and let them know you’d like to put up a garden shed. You can also visit the City of Melbourne website for more information.

Usually, a garden shed that’s 3m (w) x 3m (d) or less will not need Council Approval, but it’s still best to check if Council Approval is required. 

Garden Sheds Melbourne

Our range of garden sheds Melbourne include every conceivable size and design. We have the perfect outdoor cover or storage solution for your needs, available to order online and shipped anywhere in Australia, including Sydney, BrisbaneAdelaidePerth and beyond. For our local Melbourne customers, you also have the option of collecting your new garden shed from our local Melbourne city depot locations. Save on delivery throughout Victoria and pick your new shed up straight from the depot or have it delivered directly to your door.

 For those on the hunt for a garden sheds in Melbourne, we’ve put together some general advice and information here that might come in handy. We take you through where our local Melbourne locations are, how to find them, whether you qualify for free home delivery and what you should before you put your new shed up in the backyard, and whether you should chat with your local council about it.

Our selection of sheds includes everything you need for storing absolutely anything. Our simple garden sheds Melbourne has been designed to for easy assembly and very long life. In fact, all of our steel sheds come with a lifetime warranty. So, that should have a bearing on when it comes to choosing the right kind of installation for your space. You’re going to be able to rely on this construction for the rest of your life so choosing the most versatile size and design is the best way to get even more value for money.

What do you need your new garden shed for? Typical small designs like out flat roofed selection are ideal for small urban spaces where your backyard is already a little crowded. They offer you the flexibility of being moveable, so you reassemble it in a new location further down the road if you need to, and they’re also very easy to put together. Small 3x3 sizes are the perfect size for storing things like your lawnmower, bikes, serving as a garden tool shed or workshop shed to house all of your gardening supplies, tools and implements, etc. They’re completely weatherproof so what you store inside them remains secure from the elements and they can be locked so they remain secure from other people as well. We get even smaller than that, including outdoor weather housing for pumps and similar machinery or even pet houses.

Wooden, timber and plastic construction is not nearly as reliable as our high-quality steel components. When you choose your garden sheds Melbourne from EasyShed, you’re choosing a top-quality product you can move from house to house, repurpose and rely on for however long you intend to use it.

If space is a bit of a premium, and it usually is in most urban homes throughout Melbourne and other major cities, you’re probably not in looking for a farm shed or a hay shed but you’re still looking for some useable outdoor storage space. Our off the wall range may be the perfect solution to your storage woes. These slim designs are made to tack on to existing structures like your garage or the side of a building like your home or workshop. They come in a range of sizes and their intuitive extension design means that you don’t lose any head height by trying to save on space.

If you’re worried about head room and how easy it’s going to be to get in and out of your new garden shed, then consider our tall door and slider range. These smaller sheds offer you the comfort of a large or oversize door, so you don’t have to struggle moving things in and out. Our range of skillion design sheds offer you the head height you need on the door side so it’s comfortable getting in and out, but you don’t have an overall sized shed that’s hogging too much space.

For larger structures, like our 6x3 range and over, you’re not going to be struggling with head height. These designs are available with a gable or truss roof to secure the integrity of the overall structure and make for great storage solutions for vehicles like cars and boats, or for large power equipment like workshop tools, generators, etc. You can lay a concrete slab base beneath these types of sheds or you can keep their flexible retain for when you may need to move it to a better spot, or the next house you move to.

We also offer a range of garden shed designs optimised for pet housing. Our aviary designs offer you space and security you need to keep pets and other animals safe and secure, comfortable and covered against the elements. And if the elements are a problem you need to meet head-on, choose from our Storm Shed range which includes hardy designs and materials built to withstand some cyclone conditions.

When it comes to planning garden sheds, most people wonder whether they could build their own for cheaper and then check shed prices online for a guide. Our garden sheds for Melbourne are tough, precision cut for easy installation and come with a lifetime warranty. Our prices are affordable, and you can save on shipping by opting to pick your shed up from a local depot from the list below. We’ve done the hard work for you.