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What are you planning to store in your new shed from EasyShed?

Created by Easyshed Easyshed Apr 06, 2020 14:28:27 PM Published in Garden Sheds Adelaide 253 Views.

Our general advice when you’re looking for a new shed is to measure off the absolute maximum size you can afford to put in your intended space and then instead of opting for the smallest size, go a fraction bigger than you think you necessarily need. Storage options are pretty slim for most suburban houses and rural properties could always do with a few more weatherproof options. It’s amazing how much use you can get out of a simple and easy to install steel shed. Once you’ve got the extra space, you will quickly find ways of using it.

The ultimate garden sheds Adelaide is the workshop sheds. Whether you’re sewing, sawing, designing, a 3x3 gable roof workshop in the backyard gives you plenty of space to create and keep your hobbies safe and secure. Our sheds are designed for easy installation, with most of our smaller sizes easy enough to put up by a single person with a basic toolkit. If you’ve had experience with some DIY furniture before, then you’re halfway there already. Of course, if you’re a bit worried about the size of your new shed, and the 6x3 styles can have some pretty big components in the pack, it’s always best to ask a mate for help.

Our sheds, while portable, come big enough to comfortably house your fleet of vehicles too. Our single to triple garage sizes are simple designs which pack a lot of storage and versatility. Available with two central swings doors and then a rear tall door for access, you can choose from a range of colours and styles to suit every home. Why choose timber when our sheds are constructed from high-quality steel and come with a lifetime warranty? A wooden shed or garage isn’t able to offer you that. Nor are they likely to be as simple to put together.

If you’re worried about severe weather events, choose from our range of heavy-duty storm sheds which have been designed and tested to withstand category three cyclone weather. Now, that’s reliable.

For anybody who has a garage or storage option already, but it just isn’t big enough for what you need, consider an extension from EasyShed. Our designs include slim add‐ons called off the wall sheds for buildings and walls which offer you a narrow storage options ideal for tight spots or just enough room to house whatever won’t fit in your regular garage. Choose from a range of colours to find the perfect fit for your house and securely lock away things like your road bike, motorbike, garden equipment or the kids’ summer toys. 

Our range of skillion roof sheds also offer you small storage sheds high enough for comfortable head room. Silder or swing out doors is also available, ensuring convenient ease of use. 

Our shed prices online are cheap and cheerful, saving you a lot of money when you compare building your own shed from scratch. Even if you’re a pretty handy or keen DIY pro, construction of your shed will take planning, time and expensive materials. Our prefab garden sheds Adelaide come precision cut to ensure easy on-site assembly with a basic toolkit and a bit of help for the large projects. You could have your new tool shed up in minutes.

For most of our smaller shed sizes, you won’t even need a council permit to put it up. It is, however, always a good idea to double‐check with your local Adelaide municipality to ensure what you’re doing is OK. Some councils don’t have a problem with one garden shed but may not permit two or three. If you have a share of space like a suburban allotment, you may also need to request permission to put up some garden sheds in Adelaide.

Once you’re done your homework and you know exactly which shed that you’re after, it’s as simple as logging on and ordering it directly. Online shopping means you can browse and shop when you like. As soon as we’re in the office the next business day, we’ll start working on your order. For cheap, reliable and easy to install garden sheds Adelaide, look no further than EasyShed and our complete selection of designs and sizes.