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  • Just click on the EasyShed garden shed you would like to purchase, customise it to your liking, add it to your cart, then proceed to checkout. Enter your billing and shipping details, your payment method and place the order. Very quick and easy!

  • We offer a huge range of customisable garden shed sizes that will fit your needs and your budget. From 1.50m (w) x 0.75 (d) x 1.8m (h) up to 7.5m (w) x 3.75m (d) x 2.10m (h), we have backyard sheds that will meet all circumstances.

    You can visit our EasyShed Shop to play around with the dimensions and colours to see what your shed may look like before purchasing.

  • We accept VISA, MasterCard & American Express via eWAY, we offer PayPal, Afterpay and Zip Pay option.

  • We accept returns for change of mind within 30 days from the date of purchase. Delivery costs are non-refundable and return freight is at the buyer's expense. Call our Customer Service & Support team at 1300 739 097. For full details visit our Returns page.

  • Call our Customer Service & Support team at 1300 739 097. For full details or to send us a message visit our Contact Us page.



  • EasyShed garden sheds are made in Albury, NSW Australia and meet Australian Standards. we are proud to be a manufacturer of Australian Made Sheds.

  • We have a lifetime warranty on all our EasyShed garden sheds for your peace of mind. You can be rest assured that we build all EasyShed products to last and that your EasyShed will be around for a very long time.

    You can request a copy here.

  • You can choose from a wide selection of practical accessories for your EasyShed. Bring new life to your garden shed with natural lighting and ventilation when you choose the Skylight and Window Unit accessories. Upgrading your hinged door to a Sliding Door Kit will be great for spaces with limited access. To secure your shed in place, choose the 8-pack Concrete Fixing Set or the 8-piece Anchoring kit. The Shed Ramp accessory allows you to move your equipment in and out of your backyard shed with ease. The Flooring System accessory will also make that easier for you. Get the Tool Holder accessory for your shovels, brooms and handyman tools, and add the Shelving accessory too with adjustable shelf heights and a 300kg load limit. Enhance your EasyShed garden shed with these functional add-ons.

    View our Shed Accessories here.

  • EasyShed models with the colour option are available in our 4 most popular colours: Slate Grey, Mist Green, Smooth Cream and Monument.

    Sheds in our Bespoke range can be tailored to fit your personality. You can select from our exclusive colours including: Armour Grey, Birch, Blue Horizon, Bush Smoke, Caulfield Green, Ebony, Gull Grey, Heritage Red, Iron Grey, Jasmin Brown, Merino, Mountain Blue, Off White, Rivergum, Sandlewood, Stone, Tuscan Red and Wheat.

    We also have ZINCALUME® sheds which are colourless steel made of aluminium, zinc and silicon. Visit the online Shop to see what these colours look like.

  • EasyShed garden sheds are manufactured from high-tensile steel construction that can withstand great strain without breaking or becoming deformed. The weather-tight steel sheets are 0.35mm thick adding to the overall strength of the structure. All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE rolled safety edges for your protection when handling and assembling your EasyShed. They also come with our innovative ScrewSAFE® technology that features self-tapping screws ensuring your DIY efforts will stand the test of time.

  • Our EasyShed Storm Shed is rated up to Region D, Terrain Category 2 cyclonic conditions and can withstand maximum winds of 316kph. Its high-strength ribbed cyclone frame design is suited for the most extreme weather conditions. It will meet and exceed your extreme storage needs.

    Have a look at your EasyShed Storm Shed options here.

  • We do offer a 2.10m door height for our taller customers which can be found in our EasyShed Tall Gable Roof, Tall Flat Roof, Tall Truss Roof and Tall Garage ranges. They’re also great for people who are just generally looking for more storage and headspace in a garden shed to easily move around in.

    Find out more about your EasyShed Tall Door options here.

  • Yes. EasyShed garden sheds can be built on a suspended floor.

  • The pre-painted steel found in our Colour & Bespoke ranges is made of COLORBOND® which is specifically made for Australian weather conditions. ZINCALUME® is a metallic coated sheet steel made of aluminium, zinc and silicon which is also durable but cheaper.

  • Two layers. An undercoat is applied to the entire sheet (inside and outside-facing), which is then finished with a high-quality paint on the outside-facing side. It is then baked in a high-temperature oven to create a durable finish.

  • Most councils allow up to 10 square metres without requiring permission. Our 3.0m x 3.0m shed is the largest shed under 10sqm. Any other shed under this size will be fine. For conversion please go to

    For helpful links to local council sites visit our Council Requirements page.

  • No, this shed is designed as a forward sloping shed.

  • The shed is assembled with our innovative ScrewSAFE® technology that features self-tapping screws, provided with your EasyShed purchase. It is possible to build it with rivets. However, these are not provided.

  • No, they are coloured on the outside. On the inside, they are finished with a light-grey undercoat, similar to the colour Gull Grey.

  • All EasyShed garden sheds have an N1 wind rating which is non-cyclonic except for the EasyShed Storm Shed which is rated up to Region D, Terrain Category 2 cyclonic conditions.

  • Our door locks use a pad bolt and hasp, which is a secure form of locking. We recommend using a padlock on the door for added security.



  • EasyShed garden sheds are easy to assemble and can be done so with our patented 5 Step Assembly®:

    1. Building the Back panel
    2. Putting the Side panels together
    3. Building the Roof panel
    4. Hanging and assembling the Doors
    5. Building the Front panel

    Detailed instructions for each step are also included with your purchase of an EasyShed.

    You can watch the videos on our YouTube Channel to see how to assemble our DIY sheds.

  • The 8-piece Anchoring Kit secures your EasyShed safely to the ground. They are an accessory which can be added on to your purchase.

  • Louvre windows cannot be located adjacent to a door and must be in a full-width sheet. Therefore, you cannot do this on a 1.5m, 2.25m or a 3.0m front shed. You will be able to for any other size garden shed. Contact one of our team members for specific location requests.

  • You cannot put a skylight in the side wall of a Gable or Skillion. However, you can put it in the front wall of a shed greater than 3.75m wide.

  • Doors cannot move onto a different wall. However, there may be some options on its specific location on the standard wall. Contact us for specific location requests.



  • You can choose from either a home or depot delivery. Shipping costs vary depending on your location and chosen delivery method. You will know the total cost including shipping charges before you place the order. Read more details on your Shed Delivery options here.

  • This optional protection provides added peace of mind knowing that, should your product arrive damaged, you'll receive a priority replacement. You can find out more here.