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Sliding Doors vs Hinged Doors – Choosing the right door for your EasyShed Garden Shed

Sliding Doors vs Hinged Doors Choosing the right door for your EasyShed Garden Shed Image

When it comes to choosing the right door for your EasyShed garden shed, the opening size and available space are the two main things to consider.

Hinged Doors

Many of our EasySheds come standard with one or more hinged doors. Either a 0.75m wide single door, a set of 1.50m wide double doors, or the largest in our range; 2.30m wide double doors for our EasyShed Garages.

These doors swing outward, with a complete 180 degrees range of motion allowing complete access.

Sliding Doors

You can upgrade most EasySheds from hinged doors to sliding, which is ideal for spaces with limited access due to their side-to-side operation. The door opening size, when compared to hinged doors, is slightly smaller to allow for a weather-right overlap. A single hinged door of 0.75m wide will reduce to 0.66m, and the 1.50m wide hinged double doors will reduce to 1.40m.

EasyShed sliding doors come with very reliable tracks and rollers. The Sliding door pelmet found on EasyShed garden sheds is made from extruded aluminium and come with high-quality rolling wheels that are attached to the door. They roll along on the inside of the sliding door pelmet and are adjustable in height. This is to ensure the door doesn’t scrape on the ground and will make going in and out of your shed easy as can be.

Choosing the right door for your EasyShed Garden Shed

Choosing the right door for your shed will depend on your needs and the available space you have in your yard. Do you have equipment that needs an entry bigger than 1.40m? Then hinged double doors are what you need. Have limited space in front of your shed? Then the sliding door may be the way to go. Have a look at the wide range of EasyShed Garden Sheds that can be customised to come with sliding doors. No matter what type of shed you’re looking for, you will find the perfect EasyShed for your needs and lifestyle.