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Looking for ways to get the kids using your shed? Or just wanting something DIY to do as a family? Here is a list of our favourites.

1. Universe in a Jar

With some glow in the dark paint, mason jars & water you can create your own universe in a jar!

DIY Family Shed Projects - 1. Universe in a jar

Image Source: theboysstoreblog

2. DIY Personalised Mugs

Get a sharpie, customise your favourite cup with a quote, drawing or the kids’ art. Leave to dry for 24hrs then bake at 177°C for 30 minutes. Simple!

 DIY Family Shed Projects - 2. Personalised Mugs

Image Source: creativebug

3. Turn mason jars into stylish pendants.

Another mason jar hack, for a totally customised lamp.

 DIY Family Shed Projects - 3. Mason Jar Pendants

Image Source: decoist

4. Customised Cork Mouse Pad

Cut a piece of cork into a circle or any shape you like. Paint your own design, glue material to it or trim it and you have your very own custom mouse pad.

 DIY Family Shed Projects - 4. Customised Mouse Pad

Image Source: kittycotten

5. Handmade Twine Coasters

Hot glue twine in a spiral motion until you have a circle the size you need. Then attach a circle of felt to the bottom for your non-slip base.

 DIY Family Shed Projects - 5. Handmade Coasters

Image Source: ladyandlaurakate

6. DIY Snow Globes!

Have the kids create their own snow globe any time of the year. A definite childhood must!

 DIY Family Shed Projects - 6. Snow Globes

Image Source: graymalin

7. DIY Tin Can Lamp

Perforate a tin can, design it to your liking, add a LED candle for an outdoor lantern, or why not add some LED lights for inside too?

 DIY Family Shed Projects - 7. Tin Can Lamp

Image Source: wikihow

8. Fluffy Slime

All you need is white school glue, shaving cream and saline solution to create your own fluffy slime. This will be a sure hit with the kids!

 DIY Family Shed Projects - 8. Fluffy Slime

Image Source: sugarspiceandglitter

9. Wind Chimes

Use an old colander and some buttons, keys, beads, bottle caps or anything that clinks, and turn them into beautiful wind chimes.

 DIY Family Shed Projects - 9. Wind Chimes

Image Source: growingajeweledrose


Easy DIY Projects Your Family will Love

We hope you have a lightbulb moment with these easy DIY projects that you can do in your shed. Quick, simple and creative ideas for a bit of DIY fun with your family.

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