There are quite a few factors to consider when choosing between a carport or garage shed. Both can protect your cars, boats and other vehicles from the elements and can serve as a workshop, a studio, or outdoor entertainment area. Let’s dig deeper to find out which one’s better for you.



Carports are shelters mainly used for vehicles that consist of a roof supported by posts and are usually built beside a house. They keep your cars, boats and other valuables protected from the rain, hail and sun. They are generally quicker to assemble and because they are not considered as ‘livable space’, the council guidelines tend to be more lenient when it comes to building carport structures.

Carports not only protect from harsher weather like rain, hail or snow, they also protect from the sun. Meaning, your vehicle is kept cooler in the hot summer months.

Carports are also great to use for outdoor entertainment! All you need is a few pieces of outdoor furniture and a little creativity, and you can turn the simple structure into a covered outdoor space.

Available in single or double sizes, our EasyShed Carports, are great for people that want a simple yet sturdy structure to protect their cars and other equipment in from the elements.

Looking for something that offers a bit more protection, not just for your cars but for your expensive motorbike, ride on lawn mower or more? Then a Carport might not be the best options for you. Instead, try a Garage Shed.

Garage Shed

Unlike carports, garage sheds are completely enclosed and weather-tight making them more effective in protecting your valuables from the elements and theft. You can add a secure lock to the garage doors to further protect your vehicle.

Not only can you use them to store your car or boat, you can also use them as additional storage for any equipment. If you have unwelcome clutter around the house, use your garage shed to securely store and organise your belongings.

A garage shed can also double as your DIY workshop, meaning you finally have that creative space to do your hobbies or build those DIY projects. Other garage shed owners have turned theirs into ‘man-caves’ or ‘she sheds’ to really make it their own.

Available in a range of sizes and 25 colour options, our EasyShed Garage Shed range is sure to have an option to suit your needs.


What we suggest you consider when deciding between a Carport or Garage Shed:

  • Available space: what space do you have available to place your outdoor structure?
  • Council requirements: check your local council requirements and decide which is the better option for you.
  • Level of protection: do you need something you can lock up and feel secure with? Or are you just wanting to protect your items from the weather?
  • Purpose: do you simply need to store your vehicles safely? Or do you want a more flexible structure that you can use for multiple purposes?
  • Budget: what are your available funds for this project? This will help to create a list of carports or garage sheds within your budget.
  • Skill level: are you looking for something on the easier end, or are you happy to put in a bit of effort for the right build?


Carports or Garage Sheds?

In conclusion, getting a carport or garage shed will depend on your needs and lifestyle. If security is your main concern, you should opt for a garage shed. Carports are ideal If you prefer an open-air structure. List down your needs, and go from there. Know your EasyShed Terrain Carport (15-year warranty) and EasyShed Garage Shed (lifetime warranty) options by clicking on the pictures above.

Our proudly Australian DIY EasyShed shed kits are built to last. We offer a wide variety of customisable garden shed options to fit your personality and storage needs. Not only do we offer cheap sheds for sale, but they are durable, safe and simple to set up with our 5 Step Assembly. All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE rolled safety edges for your protection when handling and assembling your EasyShed. You also have the option to customise your sheds online with accessories. You can choose from louvred windows, skylights, flooring systems and much more. Customise yours today!