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10 Fantastic Shed Design Themes



Garden sheds are found all over the country, which is known for its many outdoor activities. Most households have one, and people have some great, if not crazy ideas on designing them. In both rural and urban areas, garden sheds are designed to complement the house and the garden. They are also put to good use.

Gardening is more than just a hobby for us. In fact, a new research suggests that sheds help men fight off loneliness right after retirement. If you’re not buying any of this, then try to acquire one and spend your spare time in it. For sure, your shed will soon feel like your sanctuary.

To paint a more specific image in your head, here are some whimsical and truly fantastic garden shed designs. Various materials are used to build garden sheds. These include wood, metal, plastic, concrete, and more. Regardless of the material you use, there are many ways for you to customise your shed and make it look your own. However, it’s important for you to take care of it to ensure its longevity.

Whether you already have a shed or are thinking of building a new one, here are some eye-catching shed designs:

Vintage shed

Vintage Shed
Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

Some Aussies recreate old garden sheds with bricks as the foundation and with the rest made of wood. The vintage look is completed with chipped paint, as if a curious child painted over the whole shed. In this shed design, you can never go wrong with small glass windows and yellow bulbs.

Many people use this type as more than a shed. This is where they spend time in the morning for coffee or tea. Using a vintage design is not all about just maintaining an old shed. It is about taking extra care of a garden shed with a lot of memories in it.

Flower covered shed

Flower Covered Shed
Image source: Fine Gardening

You can see some people building a shed and then covering it up with a bunch of flowers. People install hooks or platforms where the flowers can rest. If you like this idea, you might consider adding some vines and bunting. Think about your shed storing your tools inside and pretty flowers adorning its exteriors for everyone to see.

A garden shed with a porch

Image source: Millers

Why not turn your garden shed into a small house with its own porch? After a day of attending to your plants and flowers, you can enjoy a cup of tea while spending some quality time with your family on the porch.

A ‘She’ shed

She Shed
Image source: House Beautiful

The blogosphere in Australia devotes a lot of space for ‘She’ sheds. However, this does not necessarily mean painting it with pink colour and surrounding it with ribbons. Women are now getting more creative by coming up with unique designs. Some put a lot of work in the entrance, whilst others choose to beautify the interior of the shed.

Medieval garden shed

Medievil Shed
Image source: Eco Organic Garden

More people opt for medieval designs these days. A garden shed made of concrete with a couple of wooden foundations for support can depict this theme. Some even design castle-style sheds for their young little girls who want to feel like princesses. Others call the structures storage orchard sheds instead of garden sheds.

Two-storey shed

Two Storey Shed
Image source: allGal

Apart from design, we also try to become creative with garden shed architectures. In fact, there are now two-storey garden sheds in the country. Some divide the shed, with one space for the tools and the other-half for siesta. This design theme will, of course, require a bigger space and a taller structure, as it will be hard to move around inside a small shed divided into two levels

Botanical glasshouse shed

Botanical Glasshouse Shed
Image source: Oma Koti

Whilst this may not be totally unique, it is always a good design to look at. Picture a garden shed made entirely of glass windows. As quality glass is available all year long, why not design a glass shed? Or if you like to recycle, you could construct your shed from repurposed windows and glass doors. Building a shed like this one will take more time, but it will be worth it.

Candy garden shed

Candy Garden Shed
Image source: Q Weddings

Are you familiar with the cottage made out of sweet treats in the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale? If you are, then picture a garden shed made out of candy. You can design your shed with candy-inspired decorations and ornaments. This will surely excite your kids and their friends. The idea is perfect for people looking to build DIY sheds, instead of buying them from vendors. You use this to store the best candy and chocolate products you love.

A treehouse shed

Treehouse Shed
Image source: Sheds Unlimited

Why not combine a treehouse and a garden shed? It does not have to be positioned high above the branch of a tree. It can just be positioned close to the tree or between two or more trees. If your kids keep asking you to build a treehouse and you have always wanted to build a garden shed, then this design allows you to hit two birds with one stone.

A Chalkboard shed

Chalkboard Shed
Image source: Built By Kids

Why not make the outside of your backyard shed something the whole family can enjoy with a Chalkboard shed! Garden sheds can sometimes be boring colours; so consider adding a chalkboard panel to one of your shed walls and let the kids get creative. If you are feeling adventurous you could try chalkboard painting your shed’s exterior. This idea will be a hit with the young ones and will provide plenty of happy moments with your family and friends.

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