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5 Step Assembly®

The EasyShed is the only DIY assembly shed on the Australian market that comes with an easy-to-follow 5 Step Assembly® sequence for fast and accurate assembly and installation. Fully illustrated in a comprehensive and user-friendly instruction manual, our 5 Step Assembly® will ensure your shed will be up and ready for use in no time, giving you more time for your next project.

When correctly assembled and anchored, our sheds will withstand the toughest weather conditions. Best of all, with EasyShed, the only power tool you’ll need for assembly is a power drill with a Phillips-head attachment.

If you need extra guidance throughout the assembly process, EasyShed offers video instructions of these steps here as well as online and phone-based customer support. It’s that Easy…

  • Step 1 Back Panel Assembly

  • Step 2 Side Panel Assembly

  • Step 3 Roof Panel Assembly

  • Step 4 Door Assembly

  • Step 5 Front Panel Assembly

Edge Safe Icon
All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE® rolled safety edges for ease of handling during assembly, and for superior, all-weather performance for the life of the product. The original and still the best design of its kind on the market, EdgeSAFE® gives you peace of mind, with the added benefit of a superior quality finish.

Screw Safe Icon
The structural integrity of your EasyShed is assured as all our products feature self-tapping screws. High-tensile cladding is only as tough as its assembly, so our innovative ScrewSAFE® technology means your DIY efforts will stand the test of time. More adventurous DIY experts may choose to assemble their EasyShed with pop rivets but we think you’ll find our ScrewSAFE® technology outperforms any other fastening system built for all-weather conditions.