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3x3 Sheds

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to put up a 3x3 shed?

    Our 3x3 sheds are easy to install for the home handy person. The only tool you’ll need is a cordless drill with a Phillips-head attachment and maybe a second pair of hands. Though installing the shed all by yourself is no big deal, having two people makes the job much easier to complete.  

    Start by deciding where you want the 3x3 shed to be put up, we’d recommend choosing an area that has some shade. Installing the shed at a place that does not receive direct sunlight will keep the temperature inside your garden shed cooler, making it a comfortable space to work at.  

    You can prepare the ground in a few different ways, but starting with a reasonably level surface will keep the shed stable. Though some homeowners prefer to create a solid base such as concrete, wood flooring or gravel, the shed can be installed onto bare earth or grass as well. Although most base structures only take a while to build, so you can order a shed online and use the delivery time to prepare your site before it arrives. 

     When you receive your new 3x3 storage shed, unpack all the elements and read through the instructions. Identify all the parts and lay them out according to the instructions. Have your powered screwdriver handy and start by putting the walls together. After they have been assembled and connected, you’ll attach the roof. All our 3x3 sheds have a gable roof and these can be installed in two parts  slide one into position and then the other, attach them to the walls and your shed is complete. 

     If you wish to build your 3x3 garden shed against a wall or any other immovable structure, you can install the shed out in the open and then lift it into position. You may need a few extra hands to shift it around in that case. 

    After the 3x3 outdoor storage shed is put together and is in its final resting place, you can install any shed accessories such as wall storage units to make maximum use of the space. Then you can put everything inside and place a lock on the door. As EasyShed’s 3x3 shed comes with a lifetime warranty, it is designed to last in your garden for a really long time. You can also build a path near the entrance to help you get in and out of the shed, or add some lighting so you can see when working at night. 

  2. How to choose a 3mx3m shed?

    A shed for your yard is a personal choice. But, knowing what you are going to use it for can help in deciding which shed is right for you to buy. You can look at the height and internal dimensions to see if it will suit your purpose. When looking at a gable roof 3x3m shed, consider that there are two roof height measurements, one for the top of the gable and the other for the door. 

    As our steel sheds come in many different colours it will be easy to find one that suits your style and home. A garden shed can be used for pool equipment storage, or as a potting area as well. The options are only limited by your imagination, though most people use sheds for the storage of lawnmowers and other gardening equipment only. 

  3. How to Buy a 3mx3m Shed?

    In our online shop, we have a wide range of garden sheds available in different styles and sizes. You can choose to build your shed with a variety of optional extras, such as windows and skylights. If you have any questions you can call us directly on 1300 739 097 and we will help you with your enquiries. We deliver all across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide and to 15 countries worldwide. Though our manufacturing facility is based in Albury, NSW, our 3x3 garden sheds can be delivered to over 180 depot locations for free. You can refer to our website for a full list of locations. 

    Operating for more than 35 years, EasyShed is dedicated to producing the best sheds available in Australia. Buy our 3x3 sheds and never worry about storage space again. 

3x3 Shed Range

If you’re looking for the best options in backyard shed storage, it can be hard to go past our popular 3x3 sheds. With a variety of uses, the 3mx3m shed offers a decent area that’s just enough to store your gardening tools and equipment, machinery such as land mower, garage items and rarely used household appliances, without consuming too much of the backyard space. If you think out of the box, you can also convert a 3x3 shed to a workspace, an art studio or even a small gym. 

3x3 sheds are a great addition to any property with minimal garden space. The garden sheds at Easy Shed are Australian made and backed with a lifetime warranty. They’re tried and tested to suit the harsh conditions of Australia. Our sheds, known for their premium BlueScope steel construction, are easy to install with a 5-step assembly process. We have the best deals on steel shedsbike storage sheds, farm shedshay sheds and more. If you have storage needs, we can find a shed that is perfect for your home. 

In many new homes and most older ones, the home garage is where all the household tools, equipment and gardening gear are stored. But this often leaves homeowners in a bit of a pickle, as the space these items take up can see the car being left outside facing the elements. EasyShed’s garage shed is the perfect solution to store your vehicles along with other important tools and equipment.